Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks for flying!

Two weeks ago, while socializing over drinks, I found out that my host sister's boyfriend is a pilot.

"So, when do we fly?" I asked, with much sarcasm but a bit of sincerity...

A week later, we were booked for a Saturday afternoon flight.

Our flight was out of Ardmore Aero Club. After stripping our 4-seat aircraft of its cover, we (as in, Ben) prepared for our departure, checking the wings, oil, lights, propeller, and all sorts of other things that I knew would ensure a safe flight.

Soon, we were off! Thinking well ahead, Ben told me to keep my feet away from the pedals and hands off the steering wheel (please note the advanced flying vocabulary), and we began our acceleration down the runway and ascent into the sky! We had an hour to explore about New Zealand, following the coastline to Auckland City, circling the sky tower, and ending our flight with a quick visit to Waiheke Island. I even got to fly! I learned how to keep the plane at a steady elevation using the horizon, and steer left, right, up and down. Just like riding a bike... :)

Thank you, Ben and Kimberly!

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