Monday, April 25, 2011

One week's notice

After two years of cultural immersion course assignments, presentations, research, and correspondence, it is finally here! Only one week remains until May 2, the day that I will enter into my New Zealand student teaching placement.

The past month has seemed endless. From selling all of my furniture and living in an apartment with only a bed and television remaining, to strategically preparing meals in attempt to avoid purchasing excess groceries, it has been...a "learning experience" living in Bloomington during the month of April. Yet although the past four weeks have been difficult, there have also been many moments of joy and celebration: Laycie's fourteenth birthday; my last Little 500 weekend as an undergraduate; attendance in Indiana Student Education Association's "Looking at Exemplary Work & More" Conference as both a presenter and student teaching panel member; and committing to an offer of employment for the 2011-2012 school year, which will bring me "home" to California after my New Zealand travels to assume leadership as a "resource specialist" within the Alum Rock School district, located in San Jose, CA. It has clearly been a busy month.

But beyond the chaos of concluding my time in Bloomington. I now look forward to returning home every evening to double-triple check my suitcase, adding last minute items and small souvenirs to distribute amongst my host family members and school faculty and students. My classroom and homestay accommodations have been verified - I will be living with a "family" of Auckland (details TBA) and working alongside "year 6" (fourth grade) faculty member William Pike of Murrays Bay School. It is all very exciting.

But now, we wait, until Friday afternoon when, after school, I will say my last goodbyes to 508 East 3rd street before driving home to Hinsdale, Illinois. On Saturday, April 30, my first flight will depart from Chicago O'Hare at 5:25 PM, arriving to SFO at 8:01 PM. That same evening, I will leave with Air New Zealand at 9:45, arriving to the Auckland terminal on May 1 at 5:40 AM (New Zealand time).

From there... let it begin! The principal has granted me a day for rest and recuperation, but beginning May 2 until June 28 I will be observing, collaborating, and instructing within my assigned classroom.

This blog has been created with hope of keeping in touch with all of you while overseas. Although the Kiwis are aware of cell phones, I've been informed that communication beyond text messaging is rare due to the extreme calling rates. Please accept this page as one of the few ways that I will be able to communicate while abroad. I do, though, love skyping! And can be found by user name "courtneydressler."

I will miss you all so much! Make sure to check in on a weekly basis to read about the many adventures that I have while in New Zealand.

With love,

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