Saturday, June 4, 2011

10 reasons why...

10 reasons why an American citizen growing up with the game of Baseball will not understand the sport of cricket:

  1. The field is in the shape of an oval (not a diamond)
  2. The pitching are is in the shape of a 22 yard long rectangle (not a circle)
  3. Runs are scored by running back and forth between two "wickets" (not around 4 bases)
  4. Pitchers do not "throw" the ball, they "bowl" it
  5. Only the "wicket keepers" (no, this is not a reference to Harry Potter) are allowed to wear gloves
  6. Pitchers are encouraged to make a running start towards the pitch area
  7. A ball is often bounces before it is hit
  8. A bowled ball must be thrown with a fully extended arm (no bend in the elbow allowed)
  9. Rather that swinging the bat around the body, a player keeps the bat close to him and instead moves towards the line of throw
  10. A traditional game of cricket is played over a 5 day period (not 7 to 9 inning stretch)

...5 days!

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